3 Ways to Master Mindfulness

Before you continue reading this, take a pause. Relax for a moment and consider where you are. Notice your surroundings—the light, the temperature and the noise level. Think about how you’re sitting or standing. Listen to your breath and consider its pace. That’s mindfulness. It’s no more complicated than that
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Fresh Ideas for Increasing Your Daily Water Intake

If you could do one simple thing that would improve your health and appearance, you would, right? Drinking water is just that easy and essential. The benefits of staying hydrated are numerous—it can improve your mood, physical performance and weight loss efforts. Yet, getting in eight glasses (or more) a day can be daunting. We’ve broken it down into simple steps that can help you get hydrated and make it part of your healthy living journey.
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5 Ways to Break Bad Eating Habits

Now’s the time to eliminate habits that no longer serve you. You just ate a bowl of chocolate ice cream late at night and now you’re mentally beating yourself up about your choice. Experts say lack of discipline may not be the only culprit, bad eating habits may be what’s weighing you down. If you find yourself unexplainably repeating poor food decisions, it’s time to reevaluate your routines. Check out these five tips for taking back control of your eating and wellness.
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Easy Non-Food Rewards When Losing Weight

Isn’t it amazing how the simplest concepts can be the hardest to change? For instance, have you ever celebrated reaching a weight-loss milestone by going out to dinner? Or rewarded yourself for a great workout with a smoothie? It’s surprising how easy it is to make food the prize for a job well done—even when the achievement is weight loss.
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Put Your Self Care First in 2018

4 tips for prioritizing your health and wellness this year. Everyone knows January is the busiest month at the gym. Whether it’s New Year’s resolutions or after-the-holidays diet regret, motivation is high at the beginning of the year—but then it wanes. If doing the same things to lose weight and get healthy hasn’t helped you reach your goals, Shapa has your back.
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