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Our groundbreaking numberless scale, redefines your health journey. Experience a positive shift from painful numbers to motivating colors which will reduce anxiety and promote healthy changes. Our app focuses on building healthy habits through behavioral changes.


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What makes the shapa app amazing

Our revolutionary scale, provides a numberless experience with color feedback that reinforces positive healthy habits.

Color Feedback
Shapa simplifies your body’s natural weight fluctuations with an easy to understand 5-color scale. So you get the feedback you need to succeed.
Personalised Missions
Shapa recommends fun, healthy activities that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.
Daily Reminders
Shapa simplifies your body’s natural weight fluctuations with an easy to understand 5-color scale. So you get the feedback you need to succeed.
Activity Tracking

Shapa Age is a more comprehensive metric than weight, giving you a more holistic view of your progress that is focused on positive enforcement. 

Log Eating Habits

Log in your hunger levels when you eat to build on eating habits. 

Achievements & Badges

Collect cool badges as you hit certain milestones with Shapa! Using the behavioral science of incentive design, they’re here for you to showcase your achievements.

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Average rating based on 1,000+ reviews 

Johnie Davidson
Love the program flexibility
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I love how flexible their program is! I can pause it when there are times that I am sick or traveling and once it's calibrated, I can merely step on it every morning and it will give you a color. Which shows their 5-color system. Either I am maintaining my weight, losing, or gaining. I love it so much!
Cathy K
Renewed my 5th year
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I renewed my Shapa for the 5th year. Any issues I have encountered have been met with the utmost of courtesy and expediency. Most of the time it was something I missed or didn't complete correctly but the quickly explained and helped me correct it. They even worked with our Wellness provider to make sure all was in order for my participation in the program. Great products, great service Great results.
Sara Jarvis
If you prefer progress over numbers, this is the scale for you.
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I like seeing the progress I’m making as a whole, not how much my weight is not moving. The scale has never been nice to me and, although it’s important to know your weight, I prefer to know my average weight. Everyone’s weight fluctuates daily and if you go by that, it will make you crazy. An increase can be defeating but it doesn’t mean failure. Seeing a bigger picture of your progress helps keep your motivation going.
Maintained my weight
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I lost 20 pounds during the pandemic (when most people gained weight) and never felt hungry or deprived. I still enjoy things like ice cream, cake, and wine. I just adjust the rest of my eating to accommodate those foods using this program. I have been maintaining this weight for quite a while now.
Helps me build healthy habits
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I've failed many times to build up healthy eating habits in the past so I needed a way to switch things up and found these guys. They really give you all the data you need and give it to you straight in a simple way so you know if your changes are having an effect, which keeps me motivated to keep on track too.
Review after 100 days of use- I love it!
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I have been using a Shapa scale for about 100 days so far, and I’ve lost 12 lbs after 3 years of stagnation. I love the interface and feel good when I’m on a green/teal/blue streak, but don’t beat myself up when I go to light grey or grey. I struggled with self-worth when tying my weight to being good, or bad- and Shapa has been able to completely remove that struggle. I will never go back to a traditional scale!
I can use this for a lifetime
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Great for life, not short-term weight loss. It works and gives me a lot of resources to succeed including their Color system, and plenty of daily missions to fuel myself. I can eat real food and never need to eliminate foods completely.
Victoria Parks
Excellent first impressions of my Shapa…
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Most importantly, I purchased this scale so I could get a sense and track how I was doing improving my health habits WITHOUT the damaging psychological stress of seeing a triggering number. They don’t even unlock your weight (and optional to look at) for 10 days to see how your weight trends. This is so smart and I can’t wait to use this! So thrilled this is available, I’ve wanted something like it for years! 😃

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