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Support Your Employees’ Health with Shapa’s Holistic Solution: Clinically Proven and Trusted by Top Medical Organizations Worldwide.


Shapa’s Numberless Scale and App

Shapa’s innovative Numberless tools® consider all the factors influencing your health, providing your real measurements in an innovative way. It’s real-time, Personalized and powered by AI, to support your unique journey. With Shapa, managing your health becomes a positive experience, motivating you to make healthy lifestyle changes, and achieve your goals effectively.



Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Shapa BP numberless approach is ideal for screening for both masked hypertension and white coat hypertension by encouraging consistency with ambulatory or home monitoring blood pressure regimens. The Shapa BP classic approach encourages continual monitoring and management of all subtypes of hypertension. It can aid in clinical decision making for appropriate medication management and fosters behavior change to improve one’s heart health.


A Company Benefit Your Employees Will Appreciate: A Healthy Body and Peace of Mind.

Significantly Improve Your Employees Health

At Shapa Health Platform, we pioneer digital solutions crafted to transform behavior and amplify health outcomes. Rooted in an intimate grasp of human psychology and cutting-edge technology, we prioritize effectiveness above all. Welcome to a realm where Behavioral Health comes first, Accuracy a close second.


Reduce Expenses Associated With Healthcare

Shapa Health is a comprehensive platform dedicated to enhancing engagement, adherence, and satisfaction while effectively managing costs. Through our innovative approach, we foster a community-driven ritual that drives remarkable digital presence and unparalleled growth.

Increasing Your Digital Presence With Your Employees By 90%

Even after 18 months, our members continue to utilize our product an impressive five times a week, highlighting our unparalleled digital presence and engagement, while facilitating meaningful interactions between employers and employees.

Empower Your Company’s Culture and Boost Employee Loyalty

Ensure Comprehensive Health Outcomes for Your Employees

Weight Management

Discover effective weight management solutions tailored to your needs. Achieve your health goals with our comprehensive approach to wellness.

Heart Failure Prevention

Home blood pressure monitoring and cardiovascular health management, Shapa’s behavior change program will have a big impact on your heart health.

Mental Health & Disorder Control

Prioritize self-care by putting yourself first with Shapa’s numberless tools. These tools remove the stress from the process, allowing you to focus on achieving your goals without anxiety.

Diabetes Management

More than 25% of Shapa’s members who have diabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes have reduced their risk within 6 months of using Shapa.

Motivate and Encourage with Shapa’s Customized Technology for Your Employees’ Needs

Color on your Numberless Shapa scale

"Through our partnership with Shapa, Vitality has seen positive outcomes with our engaged members", Elizabeth Dunphy, Chief Operating Officer, Vitality Group