The scale you will love to step on if you hate stepping on scales.

Do you ever feel afraid to step on the scale after the holidays, vacation, or just break from fitness?

Have you ever felt proud of all your hard work to improve your health only to be completely de-motivated by seeing your weight go up?

Does the idea of your weight make you feel stressed or anxious?

If you answered yes to any of these, Shapa is for you!

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Stepping on a scale sucks, so we built one that doesn’t and you will love it...

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Discover why members choose
Shapa over a traditional scale...

Discover why members choose
Shapa over a traditional scale...

After 6 months

Shapa members on average
lose 5% of their body weight

95% of members

maintain progress after
1 year of using Shapa

87% of members

step on their Shapa scale five
times or more per week

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