What’s Your Shapa Age

Age is just a number. What if that number could be a reflection of how you feel on the inside? What if it could reflect all your hard work to make better daily choices with your own personal health and wellness goals in your mind? That’s where the Shapa Age comes in. 

You may be more familiar with your Shapa Color since you get to see it each day after you complete your weigh-in. Your Shapa Age is longer-term feedback for all the hard work and progress you’ve made since you started your journey with Shapa. 

Everyone starts their Shapa health journey with their Shapa Age the same as their actual chronological age. Your Shapa Age takes into account both the age and weight you said felt your healthiest. You provided this feedback during the initial assessment when first getting started with Shapa. As you make progress towards your weight and health goals you’ll see your Shapa Age change – weight changes and engaging with the Shapa system both impact your Shapa Age. 

Celebrate all the changes you’ve been making to your daily routines to build healthier habits and behaviors with your Shapa Age! If you enjoyed this blog, you may also enjoy our Shapa Color blog.

Looking to sleep better, eat a bit healthier, move more, build a practice of self-care, or just want to feel more energy each day? Let Shapa be your virtual coach. Shapa focuses your program based on YOUR lifestyle and YOUR goals so you can build healthy habits and achieve lasting results. Learn more about the Shapa difference.

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