Fitness and Exercise Tracker

You can track your progress with the fitness-focused missions and daily movement through Shapa’s Fitness and Activity Tracker (located under Progress Review in the app). Sync a fitness device like fitbit or Garmin or sync Shapa with GoogleFit or Apple Health to see progress on your fitness and exercise tracker in the app.

By syncing your fitness device you’ll be eligible for new fun badges and motivation from Shapa as you reach achievement milestones but also makes it easy to participate in Shapa movement-focused challenges throughout the year (like this one!).

Read on for a few notes and troubleshooting tips if needed.

Let’s get movin’!

Make sure you are all synced and ready to go with your fitness tracking in Shapa.

  1. Look under Settings on the menu in the app to sync or check that you’ve synced your fitness device. 
  2. For those syncing with Apple Health, Shapa can only ask for the permission once to share data based on Apple’s privacy policy, so if you’ve already synced with Apple Health you can confirm what information is shared by:
    • Going to Settings on your phone
    • Scroll down to the Health app
    • Click on Data Access & Devices
    • Click on Shapa
    • Here you will see all data that Shapa will have access to, feel free to adjust as needed.
  3. For those syncing with GoogleFit, make sure you log in to the GoogleFit app using your email address associated with the GoogleFit account.
  4. Depending on what device you sync with the Shapa app, how frequently Shapa can pull in data will vary. Give it up to 24 hours to see all your hard work displayed in the app.
  5. You can only connect one wearable to Shapa at a time, so fitbit or Garmin but not both can be synced. However, you can have both Apple Health or GoogleFit and your wearable device synced with Shapa at the same time.
  6. Shapa uses MET value and MET-minutes to report back exercise time to you in the app. This helps us keep the feedback as accurate and consistent as possible across all sync-able fitness devices.

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