Introducing Shapa Achievements 2.0!

At Shapa, we believe in making weight management rewarding. That’s why we are introducing new and improved achievements to help you celebrate how far you’ve come on your journey.

Shapa is focused on helping you build a ritual to step on your Shapa scale every morning, reflect on your journey and progress, then take action to conquer the day! To help celebrate your progress, we will celebrate your achievements with Shapa. You will begin earning new achievement badges for total milestones of weigh-ins, greens, teals, and blues as well as daily and weekly streaks of stepping on your Shapa scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Shapa Achievements?

Shapa Achievements are badges earned for achieving certain milestones and streaks. A milestone achievement represents the total number on your Shapa journey and can be earned for total weigh-ins, greens, teals, and blues. A streak achievement represents a streak of stepping on your scale and can be earned for daily and weekly weigh-ins.

How Will I Know When I’ve Earned an Achievement?

Shapa provides a celebratory message each time you earn a new achievement. All you have to do is continue stepping on your Shapa scale and let the milestones start rolling in.

How Does Travel and Sick Mode Impact Achievements?

We understand life happens. Anytime you are sick or traveling and can’t step on your Shapa scale, simply enable Sick Mode or Travel Mode in your settings. While you won’t get credited for the days you miss stepping on your scale, your streak will remain intact.

How Can I See Past Achievements?

From the Weigh-In screen, Shapa will display your most recent 3 achievements earned. In your Settings menu, under “Achievements” you can find all earned achievements as well as the achievements you can earn in the future.

Do I Need to Participate In Challenges to Earn Achievements?

No, Challenges are not required to earn achievements. Simply build a routine of stepping on your Shapa each morning and you will begin earning milestones and streak achievements.

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