Vacation time!

It’s that time of year – school’s out for summer, the days are long, and the chances for travel and adventure seem endless. The icing on the cake of summer possibilities is Shapa’s ready for some fun right along with you.

If you haven’t been introduced yet, meet Vacation Mode. Although Shapa travels well and loves sightseeing in new places, sometimes you just won’t be able to take it with you; we get it. Setting your Shapa app to vacation mode will turn all off daily reminders and notifications until you’re back and reacquainted with your scale.

Just set your return date in Vacation Mode (found on the Menu in the app) and Shapa will silence notifications while you are away and save your place in the program so you can pick up where you left off when you return. Look for a person lounging with a drink in hand under a palm tree to let you know Shapa’s on vacation right along with you ;).

If you decide to take your Shapa with you – first off, good for you that’s commitment to your health and routine! No need to set vacation mode but just take note … The Shapa scale communicates with the Shapa app on your smart phone via Bluetooth so they’ll likely be able to stay connected without trouble. You will need an Internet connection (wifi or cellular data) for the app to talk with Shapa’s algorithms and calculate your Shapa Color based on your history. If you’re debating on inviting Shapa along for your vacation but won’t actually have a good Internet connection at your destination – take advantage of Shapa’s vacation mode setting and your Shapa will be waiting for you when you get back.

Bonus, vacation mode works all year round! Whether you’ll be away from your Shapa scale for work or pleasure you can always take advantage of vacation mode.

Bon voyage!

Looking to sleep better, eat a bit healthier, move more, build a practice of self-care, or just want to feel more energy each day? Let Shapa be your virtual coach. Shapa focuses your program based on YOUR lifestyle and YOUR goals so you can build healthy habits and achieve lasting results. Learn more about the Shapa difference.

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