How-To Set Yourself Up For A Stress-Free Morning

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Who can relate? Usually, we have a general plan for what we would like our mornings to look like, but it is easy to forget how the little things add up. Before you know it, morning rolls around and you are rushing to get out the door while spilling coffee on yourself (okay maybe that’s just me…).

A stress-free morning starts by setting aside a minimum of 10-15 minutes to prepare as much as you can so you can spend your morning preparing your mind for a great day!

Here is your Stress-Free Morning Game Plan:


The night before: Prep your things

1. Layout your clothes
Check the weather so there are no surprises, and layout everything you need to wear. Do you workout before or after work? Will you need a sweater? 

2. Pack your lunch/breakfast
Even if you work from home, this is a time saver for the next day. You can intentionally plan out what you would like to eat without rushing to have whatever is easiest or eating out because “you didn’t have time”.

3. Set out the essentials
Keys, phone, wallet. Usually, you do not realize these things are missing until you are about to walk out the door (already in a rush). Get in the habit of placing the essentials in a specific spot before you go to bed, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

4. Have something to look forward to
If you drive to work and deal with morning rush hour, it can be helpful to have something to listen to. Try to pick something that leaves you in a good mood! Download a podcast, audiobook, or your favorite album so you can jump in your car and hit play. 


The morning: Prep your mind

1. Don’t hit snooze
You have heard it a million times. Here is a million and one, don’t hit snooze! Now that you have allowed yourself more time in the morning, make the most of it.

2. Put your phone aside
Your entire day is about to be filled with emails, texts, calls, and for some- social media. Use this time in the morning for your thoughts and your thoughts only. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. Try a de-stressing practice like meditation, journaling, stretching, or read a daily intention.

3. Get ready for the day
Think about how much time it takes you to get ready. Do you shower in the morning or at night? Do you wear contacts? How long does it take you to do your hair? These little things add up!

4. The final 10
The final 10 minutes before you leave can either be prep or panic! What is one thing you always forget? What do you end up rushing around to do? Intentionally leave yourself at least 10 minutes to make sure you are set for the day.

Even if you can do a couple of these, you are off to a good start! 

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