Your Shapa Experience, Your Way: Introducing Customizable Color Feedback

At Shapa, we believe every journey is unique and your feedback should match your needs.. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce multiple algorithm options to match the color feedback experience to your needs!

What is Color Feedback?

Unlike traditional scales, Shapa doesn’t show you what you weigh every time you step on the scale. Instead, Shapa is a display-free, numberless scale® and mobile app. Each time you step on your Shapa scale, Shapa compares your current weight average to all of your weigh-ins from the last 3 weeks and provides you a color.

Green = maintaining weight

Teal/Blue = losing weight

Light Gray/Dark Gray = gaining weight

What’s the Benefit of Color Feedback?

Stepping on the scale regularly, a form of self-monitoring, has been shown to have numerous benefits including helping you become more aware of the cause and effect of caloric intake and energy expenditure and aid in weight loss and prevention of weight gain1. However, traditional scales have conditioned us to compare each weigh-in to the one before expecting consistent improvement, while not accounting for the day to day physiological fluctuations caused by sodium intake, hydration levels, and hormonal factors. This can cause confusion, frustration, and demotivation.

Shapa solves this by taking the noise out of the feedback, providing a daily morning ritual of stepping on the scale and receiving kinder feedback that better aligns with your true body changes. Click here to learn more about Shapa color feedback.

Welcome to Choice and Flexibility with Customized Algorithms!

With this update, in your Shapa settings, you now have the ability to choose between three color feedback algorithms:

  • Standard (Our Original): The algorithm you’re already familiar with, providing a balanced view of weight fluctuations.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity (Shrunken Green Range): Makes your green zone smaller, so you see more color changes (teal/blue or light gray) even with smaller weight variations.
  • Reduced Sensitivity (Expanded Green Range): Expands your green zone, giving a more stable color experience with less frequent changes.

Note: All members start with the Standard algorithm – the one proven to boost motivation and long-term success. Choose to switch only if you find it doesn’t fully align with your preferences!

Why the Change?

Our color system was designed to take the emotional rollercoaster out of traditional weigh-ins. For many of you, this shift from numbers to color trends has been liberating. It helps you focus on the bigger picture and encourages healthier habits.

However, we understand that everyone’s bodies and weight-loss journeys are different. Some of you have expressed a desire for either more sensitive color feedback, or a gentler color response, to better match your own weight changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my color algorithm? 

From the settings menu under “weight settings”, select “Shapa Color Algorithm”. You can then select to make your green range bigger or smaller.

Why offer different algorithms? 

We believe in empowering your choices! It’s about finding the feedback that keeps you most engaged and motivated.

How does this improve my experience? 

It allows you to tailor Shapa to match what YOU feel is progress or a setback. Ultimately, that boosts your confidence and consistency.

How does this impact my color history?

Any time you update your algorithm, it will only impact future color reveals, while your color history will remain the same.

I’m not a Shapa member, how do I purchase my scale?

To get started with Shapa, head over to our Buy Now page and order yours today!


  1. Self-Monitoring in Weight Loss: A Systematic Review of the Literature [Accessed 4/20/2024]
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