Why A Fresh Start With Shapa Can Positively Impact Your Weight Loss Journey

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We often associate the start of a new year, a new month, or even a new week with a renewed sense of motivation. Behavioral scientists refer to this as the “fresh start effect”. Research popularized by Dr. Katy Milkman and her book “How to Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” shows that these perceived new beginnings provide an opportunity to dissociate from past failures and focus on future goal attainment. For example, studies have found a significant increase in gym attendance after temporal landmarks like birthdays and the start of a new week or month. [1]

Recognizing the power of fresh starts, we at Shapa are thrilled to introduce our Start Fresh feature. This tool acknowledges that while setbacks are a normal part of any weight loss journey, there comes a time when the motivation to restart can make all the difference.

The Benefits of a Fresh Start

  • Psychological Motivation: Feeling a sense of detachment from past failures enhances the likelihood of future goal achievement.
  • Eliminating Discouragement: Focusing solely on progress from the present moment promotes a positive mindset and renewed motivation.
  • Goal Refocus: Restarting your Shapa journey creates a tangible representation of your fresh commitment to reaching your target weight goal.

Beyond the Science: Real World Success Stories

The power of a fresh start isn’t just limited to research studies. Shapa members have experienced significant benefits from embracing a new beginning within their weight management journey. Sarah, a Shapa member, shares her experience: “I initially had great success with Shapa, but then life got busy, and I fell off track. Seeing the gray feedback became discouraging, and I felt stuck. Start Fresh gave me the push I needed to refocus and approach my weight loss with a positive outlook. Now, after re-calibrating I’m seeing nothing but green and teal and feel motivated to reach my goals.”

Similarly, Michael, another Shapa member, says, “The Shapa Age being 7 years higher than my actual age was demotivating, constantly reminding me of past setbacks. Resetting it with Start Fresh gave me a renewed sense of accomplishment. It’s a reminder that progress, not perfection, is key.”

These stories highlight the real-world impact Start Fresh can have on your weight loss journey. By leveraging the science of fresh starts and focusing on your present efforts, you can unlock renewed motivation and continue your journey toward achieving your goals. Remember, Shapa is here to support you every step of the way, and Start Fresh is just one of the tools we offer to help you reach your full potential.

How Start Fresh Works

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Fresh Start gives you a motivational reset within your weight journey. By opting in, you will:

  • Clear your color history: This removes any visual reminders of past setbacks. You will re-enter calibration and after 6 measurements begin receiving your new Shapa color. Not to worry though, your streak and achievement badges will still be in tact.
  • Reset your Shapa Age: A new Shapa Age is calibrated based on your current weight, reflecting your present efforts, not past challenges allowing you to start over at your chronological age and progress from there.
  • Restart your Shapa Mountain climber: Track renewed progress as you move towards your goals, providing a fresh sense of accomplishment. With a fresh start, you no longer have to climb out of a hole to get back to your starting point and you will be able to see progress sooner.

Start Fresh: A Tool for Success

Start Fresh isn’t an excuse to forget past efforts, but a means to focus on your present journey and celebrate new progress without the weight of past setbacks. Here at Shapa, we understand the ups and downs of weight management and believe in empowering you with tools for long-term success. If you’re ready to regain motivation and embrace a new start, give our Start Fresh feature a try!

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