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Shapa provides a numberless device. Now, how exactly should you interpret progress towards the goals you set if we’ve removed the numbers? This is where the Shapa Color feedback model really shines.

Seeing a number on the scale that changes daily is demotivating. It makes it harder to take that crucial step back and assess if all the changes you’ve been making are having the desired effect.

The Shapa Color is a 5-point feedback model to help you understand how you are progressing towards your goal. It looks at weigh-ins and input over the past few days compared to the past few weeks. The goal of the Shapa Color is to help you understand if the changes you’ve been making over the past few weeks are getting you closer to, or farther from, your goals.

Green. We intentionally selected Green to represent maintaining right where you’re at. We want to emphasize the fact that maintaining the status quo isn’t a negative, but rather something to celebrate. Whether Green (and maintaining) is your goal or a stop on your journey towards your goal, let’s celebrate that!

Teal and Blue. These two colors in the feedback model let you know that you are making progress towards your goal. Whether you see Teal or Blue will let you know how quickly you are progressing towards your goal. Seeing these two colors aim to motivate and encourage you to keep up all the positive changes you’ve made and are sustaining to date. Once you’ve settled at a new baseline you may see your color change to Green – great work maintaining at this new normal.

Light Gray and Dark Gray. These two colors on the feedback scale gently remind you that over the past few weeks the daily actions you’ve taken are steering you farther from your goal. No need to panic – along the way towards achieving your health goals there is lots of opportunities to learn. Figuring out what daily habits work well for you and you can stick with for the long term helps Shapa, and you, decide what type of program will help you make progress towards your goal.

The goal of the Shapa Color feedback is to help you understand how the changes you’ve been making recently influence your progress towards your health goals. You set the goals and Shapa will help guide you on the path to success.

Looking to sleep better, eat a bit healthier, move more, build a practice of self-care, or just want to feel more energy each day? Let Shapa be your virtual coach. Shapa focuses your program based on YOUR lifestyle and YOUR goals so you can build healthy habits and achieve lasting results. Learn more about the Shapa difference.

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