Exactly WHY This Health Coach Stays Motivated

Hey Shapa Fam! I’m Kaylyn—mom, wife, full-time executive assistant, and health coach. Like most, life is always busy, and health wasn’t always a priority. Two years ago my health was struggling; I was moody and depressed, I couldn’t sleep at night because I had such horrible acid reflux, and I felt exhausted all the time. Worst of all, I no longer felt like myself, and I knew I needed to make a change. I started a program that would help me shed 20 pounds of unhealthy weight in 2 short months, but I quickly realized I was going to need healthy habits and a healthier mindset if I was going to make a real lifestyle change. 

The first two months were easy. Most of us can white knuckle our way through a program for a month or two, but beyond that, I had to dig deep and find my “whys” to keep the momentum. I learned that health isn’t a destination, but a lifelong process of growth, which means it can be hard to keep up motivation long term.

Here are my personal tips for keeping momentum towards your health goals:

1. Make your why tangible
Often, we have whys like “I’m doing this for my kids or partner” or “because I should,” but honestly, those don’t really work. They aren’t specific enough.  I’ve noticed that the more specific you can be with your whys, the farther they’ll carry you. When I was first starting out, one of my whys was to be able to carry the laundry up the stairs without huffing and puffing. For me, that was a huge frustration and it was something tangible I could work towards. All whys don’t need to be big but they should be specific.

2. Set new goals
Sometimes, I need something a little more than a why. I need action. Whenever I feel stagnant, I find a new goal. This summer I signed up for a Spartan Race to give me a focus for my training and nutrition. If you’re feeling stuck, find a new goal to work towards—something besides losing X amount of weight.  Sign up for a 5k or a cooking class (or take on a Shapa Mission that seems a little daunting). Do something that stretches you and helps you learn healthy habits along the way.

3. Create habits not motivation
You won’t always be motivated. It’s just a fact of life, so build habits that carry you through times when motivation is low. You may not always want to brush your teeth, but you do it automatically each day because it’s good for you. Learn to apply that same discipline to all aspects of your health.

Motivation comes and goes for all of us, even health coaches, but having strong whys and building healthy habits can set us up for lasting, lifestyle changes that make a big impact.


About the author: Kaylyn is an online health coach and currently resides in Lehi, UT. She specializes in helping people reach their health goals through teaching healthy habits and easy nutrition. When she isn’t coaching, you can find her on a hike with her family or snuggling her two cats at home. Learn more about Kaylyn on Instagram @coachkaylyn.

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