Shapa Marathon Challenge


We are so excited that you will be joining us for the Shapa Marathon Challenge…aka walk or run one mile a day for the next 26 days (we are rounding 😉 )! Get ready for a healthy 2020 and a whole lot of support from the Shapa Community!

How does it work?
Shapa is all about building healthy habits, which begins with making small, health-focused choices each day. For the next 26 days, each day you must walk (or run) a minimum of one mile. For our fitness gurus out there that think this will be easy…we challenge you to add this as an extra mile to your usual workout!

When does it start/end?
The challenge starts on January 18th and ends on February 12th.

How do I track?
Make sure your fitness device is synced with the Shapa app for ease of tracking. Track your mileage every day using your fitness tracker and Shapa will keep track of your activity in the app. Learn more here.

Prefer not to? Then be sure to send a fitness log from your fitness tracking device to [email protected] to be considered for the prize.

What is the prize?
Drum roll please……if you complete the Shapa Marathon Challenge you can feel great that you exercised for 26 days in a row AND you will be entered to win an Apple Watch! Yup, that’s right. Bring your A-Game because we are not messin’ around. 

What if I miss a day?
The point of the challenge is to achieve a marathon distance in 26 days, and most importantly, to get you moving every day. So if you miss a day we’d love for you to continue logging miles and participating but you will no longer be eligible for the Apple watch entry. 

What if I do more than one mile a day?
In order to be entered for the Apple Watch, you only have to do one mile a day, anything above that adds mileage towards an ultramarathon and bragging rights! 

Stay connected!
We want to see you in action. Get an extra entry when you post your daily mile on your social media page using the hashtag #shapamarathon and by tagging @shapahealth!

Make your mile fun and productive
-Bring a friend
-Take your dog (or cat stroller) with you
-Practice gratitude. Phone a friend or family and send your love!
-Download your fav podcast or start an audiobook
-Go for a “walk and talk” meeting
-Freezing outside? Take a few laps around your local mall and do some window shopping
-Make an epic playlist. Dancing and walking is allowed

Okay, I am in! How do I sign up??
Let’s get movin’! To be entered, please sign up HERE and then follow along in our Shapa Facebook Community.  We’ll have a leader board for mileage winners posted and you know you’ll want to see your name on the list!

The winner of the Shapa Marathon Challenge will be announced one week after the end of the challenge. If you are a Shapa user, make sure your app steps and activity data are being shared with Shapa through your synced app. In order to be entered for the Apple Watch, you must walk an intentional mile (approximately 2,000 steps). Your entry will only count if we receive 26 days of tracking through your Shapa app or fitness logs sent to [email protected]

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