What is the Best Scale for Weight Loss?

Wanting to lose weight is a struggle that almost everyone can relate to at one point in their life. Many people wanting to shed a few pounds usually start by creating a fitness schedule, changing a few things in their diet, and then keeping track of their progress on their own. But the x-factor that many people don’t think to consider when losing weight is their scale. These days, scales can be used for so much more than just relaying your weight – and in some cases, relaying the weight is the least impactful thing it can do. 

So the question now is what is the best scale for weight loss? This article is going to go in-depth about the importance of finding a scale that will support, motivate, and keep you consistent on your weight loss journey, with help from the #1 scale for weight loss – the Shapa Scale.

Shapa Color

As mentioned earlier, relaying your weight can be one of the least impactful things that a scale can offer in terms of motivating you to continue on your weight loss journey. A number scale doesn’t take into consideration that your body composition is changing. Meaning, when the scale doesn’t move, you are losing body fat while gaining muscle. Your weight may stay the same, even as you lose inches, a sign that you’re moving in the right direction. But, a typical number-relaying scale doesn’t give you any suggestion that you are heading in the right direction. This is where Shapa comes in. Rather than displaying a number that could negatively alter the way you view the success of your journey, Shapa simplifies your body’s natural weight fluctuations with an easy-to-understand 5-color feedback system, so you get the feedback you need to succeed. 

The Shapa Color is a 5-point feedback model to help you understand how you are progressing towards your goal. It looks at weigh-ins and input over the past few days compared to the past few weeks. The goal of the Shapa Color is to help you understand if the changes you’ve been making over the past few weeks are getting you closer to, or farther from, your goals.

Light Grey & Dark Grey

Dark grey is the lowest color on the Shapa scale, following light grey. When these colors are shown on the feedback scale it is gently reminding you that over the past few weeks, the daily actions you’ve taken are steering you farther from your goal. Along the way toward achieving your health goals, there are lots of opportunities to learn. Figuring out what daily habits work well for you and you can stick with them for the long term helps Shapa, and you, decide what type of program will help you make progress toward your goal.

Teal & Blue

These two colors in the feedback model let you know that you are making progress toward your goal. Whether you see Teal or Blue will let you know how quickly you are progressing toward your goal. Seeing these two colors aim to motivate and encourage you to keep up all the positive changes you’ve made and are sustaining to date. Once you’ve settled at a new baseline you may see your color change to Green – great work maintaining this new normal. 


Shapa intentionally selected Green to represent maintaining right where you’re at. This emphasizes that maintaining the status quo isn’t a negative, but rather something to celebrate.

Shapa Badges, Personalized Missions, & More

Shapa Badges

Motivation is huge for continuing to work towards a weight loss goal. Shapa lets you collect cool badges as you hit certain milestones. Using the behavioral science of incentive design, they’re made for you to showcase your achievements. Badges include 7-Day Streaker, 14-Day Streaker, H20 Champ, Social Butterfly, Picture Perfect, Mission Perfection, and more! 

The inclusion of a motivating factor integrated into the daily use of the scale is how Shapa users are SO consistent. Badges and other features that we will discuss later are a big way Shapa has made them into the successful weight loss and healthy habits platform that they are today. 

Personalized Missions

Another method Shapa uses to keep its users engaged and committed to their weight loss journey is personalized missions. Shapa recommends fun, healthy activities that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. The mission of the day may mean setting the alarm 3 times during the day, and every time the alarm goes off you spontaneously engage in an activity if only for 3-5 minutes. 

Shapa selects missions for you based on your responses to the questionnaire when you first start with Shapa. Each day you can let Shapa know if you did your missions for the day or not. This helps Shapa learn more about you – what activities engage you and where you see the most impact towards your goals. Missions allow you to focus on the opportunities within your daily life where seemingly small changes can lead to big results in your health and wellness.

Research shows that small reminders can help with habit formation, such as blocking time on our calendars. With Shapa, you can schedule your missions right onto your calendar. This helps with follow through and makes sure that you can complete your missions when it makes sense for you during your everyday. Habits take time to form and effort to maintain. Shapa works to keep things engaging and meaningful for you. Shapa missions will vary in duration. You may have a day-long or some that you’ll be working on daily for 14 or 28 days long. Repetition is key to building habits and keeping that foundation stable. Shapa helps you to keep that foundation stable by recommending missions that build on your past successes.

Shapa Age

Your Shapa Age is longer-term feedback for all the hard work and progresses you’ve made since you started your journey with Shapa. Everyone starts their Shapa health journey with their Shapa Age the same as their actual chronological age. The Shapa Age takes into account both the age and weight you said felt your healthiest. You provided this feedback during the initial assessment when first getting started with Shapa. As you make progress towards your weight and health goals you’ll see your Shapa Age change – weight changes and engaging with the Shapa system (through badges, missions, etc.) both impact your Shapa Ages.

Mindful Eating Log

Mindful eating means that you are using all of your physical and emotional senses to experience and enjoy the food choices you make. This helps to increase gratitude for food, which can improve the overall eating experience. Tracking your hunger before each meal and fullness afterward creates a more mindful eating experience.

By tracking your eating with Shapa’s mindful eating log, you’re provided with real-time color feedback on the direction your eating habits are trending.

This feature allows users to shift their focus from calorie counting to mindful living. You log your eating habits by tracking your hunger before a meal, and fullness after. After each meal, you receive Shapa color feedback and begin establishing long-term healthy habits and begin to repair your relationship with food. You do not have to eat perfectly, just eat mindfully.

In conclusion, Shapa is the way to go when starting your weight loss journey. Its supportive, motivating, and consistency-promoting features are proof that utilizing cutting-edge science to build healthy habits is how you drop the weight and keep it off!

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