3 Ways to Master Mindfulness

How living in the moment through mindfulness can improve your weight loss efforts

Before you dive into these mindfulness tips, take a pause. Relax for a moment and consider where you are. Notice your surroundings—the light, the temperature and the noise level. Think about how you’re sitting or standing. Listen to your breath and consider its pace.

This is mindfulness! It’s really as simple as getting in touch with your body. You learn to take yourself off auto-pilot in order to be present and in the moment. Practicing mindfulness offers a natural transition to tools such as meditation.

More than just a buzzword, mindfulness is rooted in ancient Eastern philosophy. It’s been proven to positively influence behaviors and health outcomes throughout the body. Being fully aware of what’s happening within and around you can help you reprogram negative self talk and habits undermining your weight-loss efforts.

The concept has proven so successful that hospitals around the country are beginning to integrate mindful eating concepts in their weight-loss programs.

Here are three ways to incorporate it into your healthy living journey!

Make the mind-body connection

To utilize mindfulness for weight loss, it helps to understand the idea of being fully present. When it comes to eating, this means giving your meal your full attention. Eliminate distractions like watching TV, driving or using your phone. Focus on the task of eating. Being mindful and aware during mealtimes is essential for reducing and eliminating mindless eating and binging. Listening to your body also helps you notice the feelings of true hunger and fullness.

Engage your senses

As you eat, notice the colors and smells. Also, pay attention to the flavors and textures of your food. Evaluate what you’re eating by how well it satisfies your senses and your hunger. Keep in mind it can take the body up to 20 minutes to feel full, so eat slowly and deliberately. Identify which foods bring you joy and satisfaction and those that don’t. Transform eating from a distracted, mechanical habit into an enjoyable experience. When mindfulness add values to your life and you’ll be less likely to overeat mindlessly.

Understand your motivation

For many people, emotional eating is a response to stress and anxiety. Food provides comfort and familiarity during difficult times. When you reach for food to soothe you, take a pause. What are you feeling in this moment? What events contributed to these feelings? Even if you eat the comfort foods, the practice of mindfulness makes you more aware of your behaviors. Awareness is the first step toward change!

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