Tips for Staying Productive, and Sane, When You Work From Home

Are you part of the large number of individuals transitioning to work from home as we all begin the practice of social distancing and hunkering down? Working from home (or WFH as it’s affectionally called) creates a whole new set of challenges, and opportunities, for being productive and focused during your work day.

The Shapa team put together a list of tips and suggestions we’ve found helpful in adjusting to this new way of working, staying sane, and keeping the focus on our health.

Get dressed for the day

Put on work or day clothes. Don’t try to work in your pajamas. Getting dressed and ready for the workday as normal helps get you into the right mind set, even if your commute time is practically zero. ~ The Shapa team

Create your home office

When working from home, designate a space in your house where you can set up your work station. Ideally somewhere with some light and comfortable seating so you don’t develop poor posture or strain the eyes. Keep this space free of clutter and let everyone else in the house know it’s your work place. ~ Patricia, Head of UX/UI at Shapa

Build exercise into your day

Find a 10 minute yoga class or strength training video online; if you can, go for a quick run outside (mindful of social distancing); hop on an indoor bike or treadmill at home; or even have a dance party with kids. When working from home, building time for movement, and movement you enjoy, is important for health and sanity. ~ Bryan, Shapa user

Build out a tea collection

Hear us out. You won’t be going to coffee shops or have quick access to the office break room when working from home so making sure you have some hot, and cold, beverages that you enjoy are great.

Block out time for projects

Block out time in your calendar for specific work – to actually get things done. Be mindful to schedule time to get work-related projects done since there will be a whole host of new distractions to tempt you while working from home. ~ Theresa, Shapa user

Prep healthy snacks

Take time each night, or in the morning before you start your work day, to prep healthy snacks that are quick to make or grab. This keeps you focused and mindful of time when you’re going about your workday. And so you don’t get ‘hangry’. ~ Katie, Head of Engagement for Shapa

Pack your lunch

On a similar train of thought, plan ahead and pack a lunch the night before or the morning of. Don’t want to burn 45 mins making something extravagant for lunch. Save that for your dinner plans. ~ Erin, Shapa user

Turn off all nonessential notifications

Turn off all nonessential notifications on your phone (news alerts/social media/you get the picture) to not be distracted when working from home. ~ Lara, Head of Product for Shapa

Create an end to your workday

Set a start and stop time for your workday and respect it. It’s easy to just carry over working into the evening but it’s important to power down and be present for other parts of your life. ~ Sean, Lead Developer for Shapa

Find your productivity playlist

Find some focus-inducing playlists. We are partial to Deep Focus and Productive Morning lists on Spotify and our dev team likes EDM (shrugs).

Drink water

Yep, that’s it. When you are dehydrated it can cause headaches and make you feel hungry. Plus, it is just good for you. Drink more water whether you work from the office or work from home.

Leave a comment or send a message on on FB Community page if you have other ideas and want to share. We’ve also got ideas up on the blog for building a healthy lifestyle starting within the home. It’s been a strange few weeks and we’ve got more to come. By the end we’ll all be dang efficient at working remote I’m sure :).

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