Shapa at Home Self-Care Challenge

Feeling overwhelmed? Yeah, us too. I’m sure your 2020 health and wellness goals didn’t involve being stuck at home…but don’t let that change why you started. It is an adjustment, (okay HUGE adjustment), but there are still plenty of things we can do for our health right from home.

The purpose of the Shapa at Home Self-Care Challenge is to help you focus on what you CAN control. Starting this Saturday, March 21st we will be sending you daily self-care challenges you can do right from your home. The mission of Shapa remains to improve the health and wellness of our members and our communities; whatever curveballs come our way.

Day 1: Declutter one small area

We all have that one spot we look at every day…”one day I will get to that”. Well, today is the day! Start small. Spend 30 minutes cleaning out your space. If it is a big task, break it into smaller parts. For example, if you need to clean out your fridge, start with the top shelf!

While you clean out your space, try and put on uplifting music or a podcast (basically a short distraction from the news). Not only does it feel great to organize your space, but the future you will thank you!

Day 2: Get 30 minutes of fresh air

Happy Sunday! Perfect day to practice social distancing while catching some fresh air. Whether it is your backyard, front porch, balcony, or walk around the neighborhood, challenge yourself to get in some movement while breathing in the fresh air for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Day 3: Write out your schedule for the day

Your routine has been completely turned upside down. It is normal to feel stress and anxiety during this adjustment period. Writing down your schedule for the day helps create a sense of routine and normality. Try to be specific and realistic. For example: 7 am wake up eat breakfast, 7:30 am start work, 11:30 am quick at-home workout….

Day 4: Write it out

Set your timer. Five minutes. Write in your journal, type it out, or scribble on a sticky note. Write down whatever comes to your mind and reflect. Writing our thoughts from the day (even if it is just three sentences) helps us live with intention, mindfulness, and see good in our life!

Day 5: Blast the tunes

Listen to a song that makes you happy. Blast it in the car or break out in dance around the house. Music feeds the soul! If your quarantine buddies are not into your blasting music, go for silent disco (when you put headphones in and blast the tunes)! Let us know which song you choose.

Day 6: Do one random act of kindness

Making people happy is contagious! Studies show that being kind to others makes us happier. We all know we could use some happiness these days. It can be as simple as writing a kind card to your family or friends, asking your elderly neighbors if you can go to the grocery store for them, make get well soon cards!

Day 7: Phone a friend

Call or facetime a friend or family you haven’t talked to in a while. Catch up and hear how they are doing! Bonus: go for a social distance walk as you talk for an extra endorphin boost!

Day 8: Two small goals

Write down 2 small realistic goals that you would like to stick to for a week and put it on your fridge (or somewhere you see every morning). These goals should be something that can help you feel your best, lower stress, and feel great from completing. Try to make it simple and specific like, ‘I am going to drink one glass of water before I go to work each day this week’. Or ‘I am going to drink tea instead of a second cup of coffee so I can work on my sleep this week’.

Day 9: Get creative

Spend time doing something creative. This can mean different things for everyone! No time to actually do something? Start a Pinterest board for things you would like to do. Get inspired for the next time you are in the mood to create.

Day 10: Reflect

This is a historic moment in time. It is hard to wrap our minds around all that is happening. It is easy to get lost in the news updates and social media influences. Take a moment to write down your experience thus far. Reflect on how this has affected you personally and how you are handling things.

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