Exactly WHY This Health Coach Stays Motivated

Hey Shapa Fam! I’m Kaylyn—mom, wife, full-time executive assistant, and health coach. Like most, life is always busy, and health wasn’t always a priority. Two years ago my health was struggling; I was moody and depressed, I couldn’t sleep at…

5 Science-Based Reasons to Head Outdoors

Reduce inflammation Inflammation is our body’s way of responding to threats, whether it’s from injury, illness, or diet. When our body is in a heightened sense of stress and inflammation for a longer period of time it will effect our…

Our Fav InstaFit Couples

There are some couples that take “couple goals” to the next level. You’ve seen them — they make their passion playful and even look good doing it. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating these #instafit couples and their dedication…

Demystifying Weight Fluctuations

We all know weight is just a number, yet it can be hard to ignore when it unexplainably climbs higher. That’s the beauty of Shapa, it takes normal weight variances into account and gives you feedback on your overall progress—not just your weight.

3 Ways to Master Mindfulness

Before you continue reading this, take a pause. Relax for a moment and consider where you are. Notice your surroundings—the light, the temperature and the noise level. Think about how you’re sitting or standing. Listen to your breath and consider its pace. That’s mindfulness. It’s no more complicated than that

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