#GetInShapa This Spring by Having FUN

Spring is the most fun time to get in shape. The cold weather is making its retreat and people are excited to head outdoors. There are so many opportunities to get moving that don’t involve a treadmill or dumbbells! And getting fit doesn’t have to be boring. Grab a family member or friend and #GetInShapa with these 5 outdoor Spring workouts!

Start a pick-up game or join a sports league

Doing something active can end up being one of your best workouts because you actually like doing it. You don’t have to be great or even good – just as long as you love the game! Join a local adult league or get a group of friends together for an informal match. You’d be surprised how many of your friends or co-workers would be in; it just takes an organizer!

Spring appreciation hike

Find a hike or trail nearby where you can see spring coming alive. What does spring look like in your area? For some, there may still be snow on the ground or you could be experiencing a super bloom of wildflowers! Either way, spend some time walking in nature.

Pick your own produce

Ever wonder where your produce comes from? Maybe there are fruits or vegetables native to your area. Do a little research. Find a local farm near you and spend an afternoon picking your own produce. This is not only a great workout but a fun way to get the whole family excited!

Bike ride

A classic bike ride (no motorized bikes please!). Grab your bike or borrow one and pick a fun destination to cycle to. It’s not only a good workout but a great way to explore the area around you. You could also pack a lunch and stop for a picnic in a park or a discover a nature spot you didn’t know existed!


This is a win-win. Not only do you get to help others, but you can also get a pretty good workout depending on what you decide to do. Choose a volunteer project that requires you to roll up your sleeves (literally!) and get a little sweaty. Bring a friend or get the family involved!

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