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How To Get Less Stressed

‘Tis the season… to be stressed? Sure, December is full of pretty lights, presents, good food, and extra family time (like we haven’t had enough of that this year! But ANYWAY…). Even with all these joys, the holiday season can…

Exactly WHY This Health Coach Stays Motivated

Hey Shapa Fam! I’m Kaylyn—mom, wife, full-time executive assistant, and health coach. Like most, life is always busy, and health wasn’t always a priority. Two years ago my health was struggling; I was moody and depressed, I couldn’t sleep at…

Shapa Color

Shapa provides a numberless device. Now, how exactly should you interpret progress towards the goals you set if we’ve removed the numbers? This is where the Shapa Color feedback model really shines. Seeing a number on the scale that changes…

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