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#GetInShapa This Spring by Having FUN

Spring is the most fun time to get in shape. The cold weather is making its retreat and people are excited to head outdoors. There are so many opportunities to get moving that don’t involve a treadmill or dumbbells! And…

Our Fav InstaFit Couples

There are some couples that take “couple goals” to the next level. You’ve seen them — they make their passion playful and even look good doing it. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating these #instafit couples and their dedication…

Create a Healthy Lifestyle with Shapa

What if you could lose weight and get the healthy lifestyle you want with a program designed to understand your behaviors and adapt to you? One of the best parts about Shapa is how in-tune it is with you. Uniquely, everything about your Shapa experience is customized for your needs and lifestyle.