Welcome to Shapa!

Congratulations! Your decision to join the Shapa community is the first step on the journey to your ultimate health and wellness.

Let's connect! Here's how to connect your Shapa smartscale and app!

We’re excited you’ve joined us and want to make sure you get connected quickly and easily. Once you’ve set up your scale and downloaded the app, they will start talking via Bluetooth. If they don’t sync (the “S” on your scale will light up in blue), try turning your phone’s Bluetooth setting off and then on again. If this still doesn’t work, send us an email at [email protected]. We’re here to help!

Customize your Shapa journey by answering our questionnaire.

Now, we want to get to know you so we can tailor your Shapa experience to your lifestyle. Answering our questionnaire helps us understand your personality, habits and environment so we can create your customized missions. So, take a few minutes to complete this assessment to help ensure your future program success. Whether your goal is weight loss, eating healthier, exercising more, or just creating a healthy lifestyle—Shapa is your partner. We help motivate you, stay accountable, recognize and reward good choices in ways a traditional scale cannot!

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Go ahead, make us a part of your morning and evening routine. To do so, we recommend stepping on your Shapa twice a day—ideally in the morning and evening to get started. Once your Shapa is calibrated to your natural body fluctuations, you only need to step on it once a day. Need help remembering to use your Shapa? Set a reminder in the app!

Here's what to expect next on your Shapa journey.

You’re on your way now. Each of these actions is a step toward a healthier you. Shapa is here to help you end the love-hate relationship with your scale and create sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Step on your Shapa twice a day and watch good things begin to happen.

In the app, make sure to allow notifications so you can enjoy our Health Tips. Studies show these timely reminders help us stay on track with our health goals.

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Looking to sleep better, eat a bit healthier, move more, build a practice of self-care, or just want to feel more energy each day? Let Shapa be your virtual coach. Shapa focuses your program based on YOUR lifestyle and YOUR goals so you can build healthy habits and achieve lasting results. Learn more about the Shapa difference.

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