5 Reasons It’s Time to Break Up with Your Scale

In some ways, your scale is like a bad boyfriend. You know he’s not good for you, but it’s hard to make a change, especially when you’re not sure if there’s someone (or something, in this case) better out there.

So you stay in the relationship, all while holding out hope for something better. You live each day operating out of fear and scarcity, afraid to step on the scale, of the number that will pop up when you do. But today, there’s a healthier alternative—something better than your old scale.

There’s Shapa.

When you’re ready for a healthy relationship with your body, Shapa is here for you. It’s much more than a scale—It’s an innovative new weight-loss tool designed for modern living.

Shapa is the partner you’ve been looking for, the partner you deserve. And as the next evolution of the scale, it’s designed to support you in your journey toward balanced, long-lasting weight management.

Why Break Up with Your Scale?

We know, we know. Breakups are hard. This is why the first step to real change is facing facts. Let’s review why your soon-to-be-ex scale isn’t right for you. Here are the top five reasons you should break up with it:

Eliminate stress! Your scale brings nothing but stress to the relationship. Every day, it throws out a random, unpredictable number, while you hold your breath and shift your weight while on top, hoping for a miracle. Instead, imagine what it would be like to look forward to stepping on your Shapa device each day, being greeted with a color, not a number.

No more confusion or inconsistency. Rid yourself of the dreaded mixed signals. You can work out all week, yet the number on the scale may still creep up. Meanwhile, a few days of eating off-plan can show up as a weight loss … what’s the logic? Now what if there was a cutting-edge device that took into account all the factors of your lifestyle—eating, exercise, hormonal fluctuations, behavioral choices—and not just the number on the scale. Wouldn’t that be the basis of a healthier relationship?

Shapa sees the REAL you. It’s true. You’re nothing but a number to your scale. It’s the only thing it knows how to measure. Yet, research shows that health and long-lasting weight management are about more than the number on the scale on a given day. Shapa uses behavioral science and scientifically-proven algorithms to reflect the bigger picture of your health and wellness. It sees all of you, and gives you credit for the choices you make throughout the day, every day.


Shapa believes positive affirmations are key. Let’s face it—no matter how great you’re doing with your diet and exercise; your scale only speaks in numbers. And numbers lie, and change throughout the day, and rarely reflect the full picture. But with Shapa, you have an ongoing interactive source of number-free feedback and support. Shapa celebrates your successes and helps you stay motivated when you need it most.

Shapa’s in it for the long run. The harsh reality is that it’s just not that into you. If you sold your scale at a yard sale, it’d be displaying numbers for the next owner immediately. But with Shapa, you’re special. Everything your Shapa device displays is customized to you and your journey. We don’t just want you to step on your Shapa every day; we want you to truly lean on us for support and motivation as you build healthy, long-term habits.


It’s Time to Trade Up

It doesn’t matter how you met or what he looks like or how nice he once was—your scale is no longer a positive influence in your life. In fact, it’s dragging you down, undermining your best efforts. Even your friends agree.

It’s time to end the love-hate relationship with your scale.

It’s time to choose what’s best for you.

It’s time for Shapa.

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